Sunday, July 24, 2011

World War Z by Max Brooks

An oral history of the zombie war. World War Z is a series of interviews with survivors of a recent zombie near-apocalypse from all over the world. It's set in the reasonably near future, several years after zombies almost destroyed humanity.

This might be my favorite single book I've ever read. I've read it several times and it's definitely one I get more out of each reading. There are intricacies I failed to pick up on the first time around! It's supposed to be a sequel to the Zombie Survival Guide sort of, but it's totally different. I don't recommend the Zombie Survival Guide, it's not entertaining much it's just what it sounds like: suggestions on how to survive zombies!

The best part about WWZ is the wide variety of people who are interviewed in it. Some of my favorites are a Chinese submarine commander, an American soldier, a middle eastern teenager... It's all over the place! Each one adds their own insight into zombie related issues that most zombie stories never touch on. WWZ is light on chain saw v. zombie action and heavy on what real life might be like for people in a zombie setting.

I recommend this book to any fans of the zombie or horror genres. If you aren't a little into those things, this probably won't be your thing. But if you like zombies you will probably like this book!

*Note: This isn't a book I have read recently but an all-time favorite I felt the need to share here. I wrote more about Max Brooks in this post.

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