Review Policy

We will generally accept books from authors and publishers for review on this blog or for giveaways. If you would like to contact Emma and Emily to provide us a review copy of a book or a giveaway prize, please email us at em.and.emm.books [at], remembering to replace the [at] with an @ sign!

Emma's preferred genres: fantasy, science fiction, popular science (especially evolutionary biology), economics, zombies, young adult, and game theory.

Emily's preferred genres: fantasy, science fiction, general fiction, historical fiction (selectively), mysteries, environmental writing, science writing (particularly earth and environmental topics, ecology, physics, history and philosophy of science), anthropology, some political writing, history (selectively).  My academic background is in geology and geophysics and environmental studies, so any topics even tangentially related to those fields are of interest to me.

If we accept a review copy, we will try to read and review it in a timely manner, but can make no guarantees. It will generally be reviewed by one of our bloggers within a month of receiving the book. All books will be reviewed fairly and honestly in accordance with our personal tastes!

Emma owns a Nook and can receive books electronically in formats viewable on the Nook.

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