Sunday, May 29, 2011

Max Brooks is Super Awesome!

We don't normally do a whole lot of non-review posts here, but I definitely wanted to interrupt the normal reviewing to share this! I went to the Phoenix Comicon yesterday, and the highlight was definitely seeing Max Brooks, author of World War Z (excellent book, I highly recommend it), the Zombie Survival Guide and others. He was super awesome! Here is me looking demonic after having a book signed.

I bought a comic book of his called Recorded Attacks and had him sign it... he wrote "Mark Twain can suck it" because I told him he was my favorite author. That amuses me wayyyy too much! We also heard him talk later. He was so funny! He is really, really amusing to listen to. He didn't hesitate to make fun of fans who were asking really stupid questions. The worst was probably "what type of zombie would you NOT want to get attacked by?" He was fairly harsh and all kinds of hilarious talking at Comicon.

Other highlights of comicon included amazing Star Wars costumes, a picture with Wil Wheaton and cool booths selling nerd stuff. We are definitely going back next year with costumes!

Edit: check out this short story about vampires v. zombies by Max Brooks.


  1. Cool! I've always wanted to go to SDCC someday... meeting authors is always interesting. Remember when we met Christopher Paolini?

  2. haha yeah that was just sad! I definitely want to go to SDCC... it looks super awesome. The Phoenix one seemed HUGE so I can't even imagine that!


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