Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Colonization: Aftershocks by Harry Turtledove

The third and final volume in Turtledove's Colonization trilogy.

This book was awesome in that it continued the stories of the characters from previous books who, as I've mentioned, I really like.  This book was also very disappointing in that it has no conclusion!

Aftershocks just sort of ends.  I was wondering from the beginning how Turtledove would bring the trilogy to a conclusion, but he absolutely did not.  There is maybe one plotline that has a conclusion that makes sense.  I think that one was supposed to be a surprise or a twist, but I absolutely saw it coming for too long.  Otherwise, the characters' stories just cut off mid story.  I've never seen such an abrupt lack of ending!  Granted, there is a book in the setting after Aftershocks (Homeward Bound) but it is set in the future and deals with...  different and spoiler ridden things.

Other than that it continues an awesome story and is as compelling as previous books but lacks an ending, I don't think there is much to say about Aftershocks.  I still tentatively recommend the series.  If you've read any of Turtledove's books you probably already know whether or not you like them!  I still recommend this series (start with Worldwar: In the Balance) and am looking forward to reading its eight volume.


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  1. I am reading a Harry Turtledove book right now!


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